​Forwarding & Transport

Ohl offers the advantage of requiring only one partner the whole way through. We manage the transport, forwarding, insurance, warehousing, distribution, payment of duty, export documentation and clearance.​New technology is a part of everyday life at Ohl, with particular emphasis on IT. If you require a direct connection – on-line or e-commerce – we are at your disposal.​While our primary market is the EU area, we operate throughout Europe. Transportation can be by road, rail, sea or air. All terminals are serviced by direct rail track.


Ohl have over 50,000 m2 of warehouse capacity at their disposal, comprising authorised foodstuffs, industrial goods and chemical storage, all equipped with racking, heating, security systems and electronic fire alarms. In addition, we are also able to offer our authorised refrigerated and bonded warehouses.

​Ohl has, therefore, the possibility to store your products on an all-year-round, buffer or distribution warehouse basis, where we can package, group, label, price and distribute your products as required.

​Our warehouses are of course IT-managed, and all risk goods insurance can be provided upon request.


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